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Talako Publishing

(Talako means Eagle in Choctaw, a symbol of power and Freedom)

Our goal is simple: To support your healing and recovery from unwanted thoughts and destructive behaviors. 
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For Every Area of Life (2013)

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A Good Brain Washing: Take Control of Your Mind with A Personalized Recording (2012)
2 Books in One - Book & Workbook

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Dating Violence and Practical Advice for Staying Safe
Coming Soon
Dear Men: What I Really Wanted to Say...
Coming Soon
This new memoir is a revision of the previous book "Dear Men: A True Story" with added sections on Healing & Recovery. 

Talako Publishing

Hope, Help & Power to Heal Your Mind
Our goal is simple: To support your healing and recovery from unwanted thoughts and destructive behaviors by offering quality books at an affordable price.

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We proudly support and honor the 
men and women of our:  

Military (past & present), Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and Search & Rescue Organizations. 

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